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This is a very good question for a family to ask when sending a loved one to a Narconon rehab center. The family is going to play an important role in the person’s recovery, all the way through the recovery program and even after he (or she) comes home. 


If the person going to rehab was highly motivated to overcome the addiction, then the family may mostly need to support him through the ups and downs he may experience. After all, as a person’s mood starts to improve and his perceptions sharpen, it is possible for him to be hit rather hard by a new awareness of all the harm he has done while addicted. He will work through a repair of this harm soon, but there may be many difficult moments as a person faces the disasters of the past. 


In other cases, the family may just barely have managed to get the addicted person into rehab at all. She may have argued all the way to the front door. This family is going to have to stay strong and united until the program can work for her. She may call and complain about the staff and the center at every opportunity. She may invent problems and reasons she needs to leave rehab immediately. Sometimes a person successfully wears the family down and they come and pick her up and take her home. If they do, sobriety normally doesn’t last long at all.


As the Program Does its Work


The Narconon program works on the exact aspects of a person’s life that were damaged by addiction. It is a step-by-step approach whereby each step that is completed gives a person the ability to face the next set of consequences. It may take time for a person in recovery to be ready to talk to his parents, his wife or ex-wife or his children again. He may need to be most of the way through the program before his self-respect is restored enough to reach out to those he has harmed. A family may need to wait for the person to be ready to open up to them again.


But this is not always the case. Sometimes, a family hears the life and laughter come back into a person’s voice earlier in the program. Many parents have commented on the changes that have occurred after the thorough detoxification step is done. A person’s outlook and mood can improve so much that he starts to sound like the person they lost years before. 


Those in Recovery Help Each Other


While the family stays strong during the phone calls and visits, those in recovery help each other every day. Those nearer the end of the program tell those at the beginning to stick with it because the Narconon program works. The new arrivals realize that the students who are about to graduate were just like them a few months before. This helps steady them if things get difficult. 


Recovery, in general, is a very challenging process for anyone to go through. Those in rehab realize how much harm they have brought to their families and their communities.  With the steady support of the Narconon staff, their families and even the others who are further along in the program than they are, each person can make it all the way. He can build the sober living skills that will protect him after he goes home, no matter what happens. 


By staying strong and supportive, a family helps the Narconon program get the result of a person who is sober and strong and ready to start a new life. 


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